A Guide to Getting Your Nom On in Córdoba

Happy New Year! What’s better to start of 2017 then with some food? 😉

One of the (many) wonderful things about southern Spain is the cheap food! If you’re anything like me, then you love to eat and drink and be where the people are, particularly on a sunny terraza.

Eating is one of the cornerstones of Spanish culture and is meant to be an enjoyed, communal experience. So here’s a well-researched guide to getting your nom om in the great city of Córdoba.

Amapola – Paseo de la Ribera, 9

With an awesome outdoor patio overlooking the river, good music, and cool vibes, Amapola is a great place to grab a caña with your buds and make some new friends.


La Barberia – Calle Lineros, 37

Made to look like a traditional cordobes patio, this bar is a chill place to get some drinks with friends on a warm evening.

Bar Moriles I, Pata Negra, II, III, infinity & beyond – Calle Antonio Maura, 21

There are about five iterations of this same restaurant, all on the same street and as far as I can tell the menus are identical, so don’t worry if you walk into the wrong one. Bar Moriles is so inexpensive it should be illegal and serves the best flamenquín in the city.

Bar Realejo – Calle Realejo, 6

This subtle, neighborhood cafe is great for large, economical breakfast. I’d recommend the tostada with tomato and jamon.

La Bicicleta – Calle Cardenal Gonzalez, 1

A trendy resto-bar with cool décor and good music that specializes in freshly squeezed juices and gourmet tostadas (think toasted bread with tomato, tuna, cheese, avocado…)

Buonissimo – Ronda de Isasa, 2

I’ve seen beer, orange blossom, and banana cream ice cream there and let me tell you, it’s nearly life changing.

El Campero – Plaza de Tendillas

These sandwiches could make an atheist believe in God. They come in three sizes – big, bigger, and roughly the size of your head. With a variety of flavors and an inexpensive price tag, it’s a great spot for a late lunch. Bonus – you can sit in the Plaza de Tendillas and people watch while you munch.


Ah, Califa. This bar quickly became one of our favorite haunts and once you go it’s not hard to see why. Besides offering over 20 types of craft beer, they have amazing tostadas and really friendly staff.

The Canadian – Calle Diego Serrano, 2 

I was sad to discover the Canadian at the very end of my year in the city. The portions are big, the prices reasonable and their patatas bravas are bizarre-looking, yet delectable.

Cien Montaditos – Plaza de San Miguel, 3

Yes, this is a famous chain and yes, you should definitely frequent it on Sunday and Wednesday for the 1 euro/1 mondadito special. Grab some friends and go crazy! 

Domino’s – Plaza de Colón, 29

Stay with me for a second with this one – I had never eaten as many Domino’s pizzas in my life than I did when I was living in Spain and once you try it too you’ll understand. The ingredients are fresher and the pizzas are better – and cheaper – than they are in the States. Domino’s is perfect if you’ve just come back from a weekend trip and  you’re too lazy to cook/didn’t go the grocery store in time or maybe you’re just craving some stuffed crust.

La Fábrica – Plaza de la Flor del Olivo, 3

I think La Fábrica is definitely my favorite restaurant in Cordoba – the food is great, the portions are huge, and it’s really not that expensive. There is a ton of outdoor seating which is great when the weather is nice and the staff is friendly.

Kebab Córdoba – Calle Alcalde Sanz Noguer, 23

When you’re drunk (or sober) and poor, go here for 1.50 euro kebab, a full belly, and *hopefully* no hangover.

Lambik – Calle Victoriano Rivera, 6 

Nice atmosphere, creative tapas, but a *little* pricey.

Marta’s – Calle José Cruz Conde, 32

This place rocks some cool, industrial decor and serves up the best churros and chocolate in the city. The churros here are light enough that you won’t feel like you just swallowed small cannonball.


Mercado Victoria – Paseo de la Victoria

Unlike the previous mercado, this one is elegant and chic and will make you feel classier just by walking inside. There’s a wide variety of food stands to choose from and after the eating area closes at 2 am, the bar area becomes a pseudo-discoteca. Don’t miss the flamenquín sushi or the Argentinian empanadas.

La Montillana – Calle San Álvaro, 5

If you’re feeling a little more classy, check out the Montillana for delicious andaluz-style tapas and great wine. It’s more expensive than a lot of other places, but the food is worth it.

O’Donoghues – Av. del Gran Capitán, 38

So I’ve never really understood Spain’s obsession with Irish pubs, but whatever floats your boat, I guess. Anyway, this is a nice, spacious bar with chill bartenders.

Omundo de Alicia – Plaza de la Trinidad, 4 

It’s a great café/bar with awesome breakfasts, delicious sandwiches and language exchange meet-ups!

Roldán – Calle Concepción, 18 

This cordobés chain offers delicious coffee and ice cream and a truly impressive assortment of pastries. It’s a great place to stop by for a snack!

La Sureña – Calle Victoriano Rivera, 8

Ok, so this is a chain that you can find basically anywhere in Spain, but on Thursday nights they have awesome deals and the food is pretty damn good. I’d recommend the lágrimas de pollo (yes, that does mean “chicken tears”) or the octopus!





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