Hi there.

Middleton Plantation – Charleston, SC, USA

You must be wondering… what’s with the name

My most illustrious title was given to me when my best friend and I did an extra credit AP government project, outlining our plan to someday conquer and rule the world. It was an expansive, well-thought presentation, complete with a re-drawing of world borders and a constitution. I soon realized that it was in fact my destiny to enlighten the world to my great wisdom and vision and inspire all peoples to explore!

Qutb Minar – Delhi, India

Alright, so actually, I just used this name because I was tired of all of the alliterative titles people kept choosing for their blogs. Hey, I used to be one of them… this was formerly called “The Blue-Eyed Bohemian.” You tell me which is more interesting.

Royal Palace – Madrid, Spain

Like most of us world travelers, I have been obsessed with going for as long as I can remember. I begged my parents to let me get a passport when I was 11, not to go anywhere in particular, but just because I wanted to have it.

I studied abroad in Spain in 2013, knowing virtually nothing about it beforehand, and ended falling madly in love…with the Spanish culture, language, and the fact that no one minded how loud I talked and actually talked even louder than I did.

I started this blog during that semester and have since continued to document my misadventures and musings, all with a healthy dose of optimism and sarcasm.

I spent the last school year working as an Auxiliar de Conversación through the Spanish Ministry of Education where I educated the youth of Spain on the complexity of phrasal verbs and the magic of cheesy grits.

Nowadays, I’m back in my native land and searching for the pulse of Americana… let the adventures abound. 😉


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