DC Passport Program: Navy Yard

Navy Yard can be a welcome retreat from the bustle of downtown DC. Its industrial buildings, water views, and trendy restaurants exude a cool, laid back vibe that almost feels like a different city. Navy Yard is so cool, in fact, that it recently made it on the Forbes’ list of the “coolest neighborhoods around the world.” While I take issue with the assertion that DC’s other neighborhoods “lack the cool factor” (Petworth, Shaw – anyone?), the charm of Navy Yard is undeniable.

Take a stroll down the waterfront Yards Park, play in the fountain (complete with waterfall), ogle at the luxury apartment buildings you probably can’t afford, go see a Nats game, and watch the planes land in Reagan Airport across the river. But more importantly, grab your Passport and get drinking.


The Summer Edition will get you a one-way ticket (return fare not included) to Rasa and Slipstream.

Scott, my boyfriend, and I headed over to Navy Yard on a Friday night for a mini bar crawl.

Rasa was probably the most important discovery of my summer. This self-proclaimed “fine fast casual” specializes in quick, delicious Indian fare and works like a Chipotle or Cava. There’s the option to choose a set menu item or “create your own” bowl – not that anything needs altering because the food is delicious.

We walked in the giant blue door and gazed in wonder at the colors that adorned the walls, hung from the ceiling, and decorated the menu. It reminded me so much of India. I instantly loved it.


We decided on a Tikka A Chance On Me bowl, a twist on tikka chicken, and threw in some garlic naan for good measure. The masala gin and tonic that usually comes with the Passport was not available that day, so we substituted it for a spiked lassi.

Oh man. While I’m sure the masala gin and tonic is great, I find it hard to believe it could possibly top the amazing experience of drinking that lassi.

I want you to imagine all of the sweet goodness of a mango lassi with the sweet release of rum. Like I said, amazing.

IMG_0168 (1)

We found it hard to leave Rasa’s stylish space and good vibes, but eventually, it was time for some dessert cocktails at Slipstream. 

IMG_0182 (1)

The restaurant was mostly empty when we arrived, which granted us unlimited access to the general manager, Emma, who kindly answered our many questions. Slipstream may be known for its coffee and cocktails (and coffee cocktails), but it’s also a restaurant in its own right. Brunch is the meal most people come for and the good ol’ avocado toast is the most popular dish. Who knew?

We ordered two coffee cocktails – the Seraphim and Simply Irish – and clinked our glasses.

IMG_0178 (1)

While the presentation was classy and the atmosphere chic, I have to admit that for the first time using the Passport, I did not enjoy the drink selection. Was it the brandy? Was it the whiskey? I’ll never be sure. Scott ended up finishing both cocktails and we called it a night. I guess the next time I go to Slipstream, I’ll opt for a regular cocktail or some avocado toast 🙂

Find Rasa at 1247 First St SE. 

Find Slipstream (Navy Yard location) at 82 I St SE. 

[Please note that the Summer Edition 2018 Passport has officially expired. Be on the lookout for the Winter Edition, coming to stores in the next few months!] 

This post was sponsored by the Passport Program. 



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